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Edited: February 2nd, 2022

Hebrew Audio Text Map

I have moved beyond the proof of concept pages for the Hebrew audio.  I am currently bringing the Hebrew Audio Text Map live -- chapter by chapter. The work of audio scrubbing, noise reduction and normalization continues as well. The Hebrew Bible regularly gets visitors from 102 countries.

Searchable Parsed Greek New Testament

The entire Greek New Testament, based on the critical text of the Society of Biblical Literature, is parsed and online for your reading, searching and study.

I have been granted an online license from the Society of Biblical Literature to use their critical edition of the Greek New Testament on my website.  Most of my spare time for 8 months was spent in planning the Greek portion of the website, prepping the text, parsing each word of the New Testament (134,554 words!) and writing code for the user interface.

Have a look around!

The header graphic across the top displays the progression of writing -- from mere marks in the dust on the ground to the binary code of the digital age.  While all who visit this site live in a plethora of knowledge, the attention of my writing and studies have been concentrated on knowing the truth.  May your journey to knowing the Truth be facilitated by my efforts.

The Greek New Testament regularly gets visitors from over 97 countries.  Many of them come to study and explore from countries where these materials are not readily available.

Take A Look Around

Edited: January 13th, 2022

This site is hand coded and represents my latest attempts at utilizing the latest releases of HTML5, CSS3 with mobile devices taken into the consideration of design.  The goal is to have a multi-lingual site working on Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, *NIX, Fire Fox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge.  The backend is driven with a custom CMS for remote updates and WYSIWYG formatting.
Originally, I was trying to write code for all browsers from past to present, but as the years progressed, the window of support has moved to the right on the timeline.  I am more concerned currently with writing code for the future, rather than the past.

Kudos to John Dyer for his outstanding javascript media player over at  I am currently using his API as an audio player on my Bible Study page.

Some of my difficulties to date:

  • During the summer of 2014 Google changed their Didot Greek Font -- ugghhh
  • Diacritical symbols, which point to the apparatus, appearing in the text but not available in the Unicode font
  • Determining the correct amount of definitions to supply for the Greek-English glossing
  • Converting MySQL Database and Tables from latin characters to UNICODE -- (it seems the combination to the backdoor at Ft. Knox is more commonly known than this procedure.)
  • Reported file lengths in some mp3 have led to difficulty in accurately mapping audio to text.  FFmpeg to the rescue!  FFmpeg is so powerful.  Eventually, a one line command fixes the issue.
Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!

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