Mark of Cain

Personal Recipe

Edited: February 20th, 2017

Add heaping portions of passion about theology, earth science, biology, chemistry, technology, creativity, programming and ministry.

Blend until the separate ingredients can no longer be recognized.

Pour contents into a well worn container that resembles a ham.

Bake for 58 years.

Results: me.

Serves: all.

Spent part of my life in the drug subculture. Radically converted to Christianity with an encounter of Jesus Christ at age 20. Studied theology, pastoral ministry, Biblical Studies, Biblical Languages, and Inductive Literary Structural Analysis at the KY Mountain Bible College, Asbury University, and Asbury Theological Seminary for the next 9 years. Pastored for 16 years. Planted two churches. Own and operate a Pest Control Company. Build websites with complex backends. Teach and preach on a regular basis to a group of college youth. Married to the greatest woman ever and have 4 children.

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